Amid the Cyber Monday buzz, record-breaking numbers, and ever ratcheting online competition, I thought it might be helpful to revisit a few basics about why online shopping can be so beneficial—and how it can save you money—especially when it comes to holiday shopping.

Online shopping saves valuable time and gas.  Convenience is still one of the biggest advantages of online shopping. With a daily commute to work and a busy family schedule during the week and on weekends, I feel good about saving both time and gas money on another trip.

Online retailers offer competitive discount pricing.  In other words, they want your business—they want the business of all potential Internet shoppers!  To do so, they’re willing to offer some serious discounts and special offers to attract your attention.  By most expert accounts, these deals are often far better than those offered at local stores.

Online shopping reduces impulses buying.  Note that I said reduces—it doesn’t eliminate it completely—that still takes willpower.  However, when you’re shopping online, you go right from selecting your merchandise to your personal checkout.  There’s no passing through aisle after aisle of temptation fighting the urge to add something else to your shopping cart.

On top of all this, here are 3 ways you can maximize your online shopping this holiday season:

1.  When you search Couponvario for coupons and discounts and find a great deal, consider taking advantage of the deal and buying multiples. Who else on your list would appreciate the same gift?

2.  Since you need some form of electronic payment for your online transactions, consider using a credit or debit card that offers you points or rewards for every purchase you make.  If you don’t already have one of these, you can check for some of the most popular cards available.

3.  Plan your online shopping excursions. Don’t squander the time, gas, and money you save shopping online by spending all your time browsing online!

Until next week,

Be penny wise and savings ruthless!